Dennis Hunter

Dennis hunter photo


A lifetime advocate and pillar of California’s cannabis industry, Dennis Hunter has been trailblazing California’s cannabis market for more than two decades. His experience dates back to his teenage years in Mendocino County where he taught himself how to grow cannabis plants in the woods. As he got older, his cultivation operations grew into one of the largest in California. Unfortunately, in the 90’s, cannabis laws had not caught up with his vision and he ended up serving more than 6 years in federal prison for cultivation.  

After prison, Dennis found ways to support the industry by starting a hydroponics and gardening wholesale company, selling products essential to the successful cultivation of cannabis. In 2014, when the time was right and cannabis laws appeared to offer a pathway for cannabis companies to legally operate in California, Dennis co-founded CannaCraft, Inc., one of the largest cannabis manufacturing companies in the world today. 

As the CEO of CannaCraft, Dennis has worked closely with state and federal legislators to draft sensible regulations for California’s cannabis industry. He has worked tirelessly to remove the stigma surrounding cannabis through education, outreach, and volunteer initiatives supporting community projects throughout California. 

Dennis’ experience with the cannabis industry and the justice system has given him the information and the experience to effect change and he is committed to fighting for the rights of those whose lives have been uprooted and negatively affected by archaic cannabis policies.