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At Farmer and the Felon™, we're determined to preserve the countercultural history of the prohibition era while advocating for social justice for the cannabis prisoners in the here-and-now. As industry veterans dedicated to cannabis freedom, we aren’t interested in being just another weed brand.

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Right now, over 40,000 non-violent cannabis offenders still sit behind bars in the United States. By partnering with the Last Prisoner Project, Farmer and the Felon aims to bring restorative justice through the power of cannabis.

15.7 Million

People arrested for Marijuana offenses in the last decade.

$47 Billion

Spent annually on a senseless and cruel war on drugs.

$10.4 Billion

Legal marijuana industry sales for 2018 in the US.

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Sourced from OG cultivators, all Farmer and the Felon cannabis is consistently high quality and packed with pungent terps. We believe that good weed shouldn’t break the bank.

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Half Ounce Smalls

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The Farmer and the Felon® story

After pushing boundaries, taking risks and fighting for legalization, CannaCraft founders Dennis Hunter and Ned Fussell wanted to give back while building on their legacy as visionary cultivators and extractors. Farmer and the Felon provides a platform for growers, activists and ex-prisoners to share their stories. Collectively, we will preserve our unique history of struggle, perseverance and ultimately, triumph, when the last prisoners of the war on cannabis go free. Learn more about their journey in this exclusive video series.