Legacy Collab Series
Legacy Collab Series
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A Legacy Farm is one of the of farms that transitioned into the legal market, operating between 1996-2017 during California’s Prop 215 Compassion Use Act which permitted the cultivation and sale of medical cannabis. These farms, once numbering in the tens of thousands, laid the foundation for the cannabis industry we operate within today. Farmer and the Felon is collaborating with small and legacy farms throughout California with the intention to bring unique and rare cannabis varieties to market while honoring the culture and history we collectively share.

Farmer and the Felon is proud to support and source from pioneers of the medical marijuana movement.

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Sustainable Packaging:  

  • Jars are made from 58% recycled glass
  • 100% reclaimed ocean plastic CR lids
  • Fully curbside recyclable
  • Hangtags are made from 10% recycled paper
  • Printed with environmentally friendly ink at an FSC-certified printer
  • FDA recycled elastic band