Kalya Infused Preroll
Kalya Infused Preroll
Infused Prerolls
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Emerald Cup Award Winner

Farmer and the Felon is dedicated to preserving and evolving cannabis culture by sharing the stories of those who persevered through the era of unjust prohibition while supporting those directly affected by it with every sale.

We are thrilled to offer three of our 2022 Emerald Cup Award winning Sungrown varieties in collaboration with repeat champion Kalya Extracts for a limited edition Champion Series run of hash extract infused pre-rolls.

THCA Diamond Infused Prerolls. Handcrafted using THCA diamonds and terpene-rich, sungrown, whole cannabis flower. Available in a variety of strains with diverse terpene profiles and effects. Made with 15% THCA diamonds for a high-potency, balanced-flavor experience.

Ingredients: Cannabis Flower, THCA Diamonds