cold rosin
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Cannabis rosin is created by placing ice, water, and fresh cannabis flower into a vessel. After agitating the mixture, the trichomes of the cannabis plant get suspended in the water. The water is drained through a series of filters trying to only catch the fully intact gland heads of the trichrome, while leaving as much waste and bio-contaminants behind as possible. This is then dried using either forced air or a freeze-drying process. After it is done drying you are left with a pure substance known as ice water hash or “bubble” hash.

To create rosin the gland heads are put into a food-grade mesh pouch that is wrapped in parchment paper and then squeezed at high pressures and low heats. This process removes the husk of the gland head and pushes the liquid out. 

Cold Cure rosin is fresh press that has been whipped up into a batter like consistency. In order to create Cold Cure we take fresh pressed rosin, lightly stir or “whip” it up and set in a room temperature environment. 

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Seasonally fresh, strain-specific live resin concentrates. Robust full-spectrum terpene and cannabinoid profiles of live flower, fit for the most seasoned cannabis connoisseur.

Ingredients: Live Resin