The Felon

Dennis hunter photo


A deeply innovative cultivator from the Emerald Triangle and a lifetime cannabis advocate, Dennis was born and raised in Mendocino County where he taught himself how to grow cannabis as a teenager, and eventually turned his high school pastime into his lifetime passion.

As an adult, Dennis developed sophisticated, large-scale, and cultivation operations in California. So sophisticated that they caught the eye of authorities who raided the site in 1998 discovering what was, at the time, California’s largest cannabis bust. After serving 6.5 years in prison, Dennis went on to channel his knowledge of cannabis cultivation into ancillary cannabis businesses, founding Left Coast Garden Wholesale, a wholesale garden supply company specializing in cannabis nutrients and cultivation equipment. It was during this time that Dennis met one of Left Coast’s top customers, Ned Fussell. The two joined forces to create CannaCraft and went on to transform the legal cannabis industry, building one of the largest and most diversified cannabis companies in California.