The Farmer

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Patience for Patients

Motivated to be living in the epicenter of American cannabis culture and production, Ned Fussell moved from Massachusetts to Northern California in 2007 to pursue a lifelong interest in cultivation. Over the last ten years, Ned created one of the largest and most sophisticated cultivation networks in California. Ned’s expertise in growth operations, site evaluation, farm mapping, irrigation design, lighting design, soil fertility analysis, feed assessment, and crop scheduling yields frequent and healthy cannabis harvests year-round.

As an active member in Sonoma County’s agricultural community and a founding member of OSC2, an organization working to bring us One Step Closer to an organic and sustainable future, Ned has established relationships with large scale companies on the forefront of sustainability and strives to bring that forward-thinking into CannaCraft’s day-to-day operations. The partnerships and relationships Ned has established throughout California give CannaCraft a creative and forward-thinking edge, leading to collaborations like the Lagunitas Beer Co. SuperCritical and Hi-Fi partnerships, celebrity partnerships, and CannaCraft’s educational programs.