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What are F+F Hash Pre-Rolls?

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What are F+F Hash Pre-Rolls?

Farmer Felon

March 22, 2022

Pre-rolls are one of the most convenient ways to consume cannabis on the go. They’re not only perfect for those who don’t know how to roll, but also for taking a decent break from rolling duties or for penciling in a quick sesh to medicate between meetings and errands.

When it comes to pre-rolls, what’s all the hype about? 

Why Choose Pre-Rolls? 

  • Carrying a pre-roll or doob tube is easier than carrying a grinder, stash jar, papers, filters, etc.
  • To save time rolling, and to start smoking even sooner.
  • They give consumers the opportunity to try multiple strains without committing to a whole eighth.
  • Certain pre-rolls allow you to experiment with fun options, such as combining kief, hash, and other concentrates into your joints.

Why Some People Dislike Pre-Rolls

Though classic pre-rolls are exciting in theory, many brands cut corners with pre-rolls, leaving consumers feeling duped. Since paper isn’t transparent in color, oftentimes, the material inside the pre-roll is old, trim-heavy, and overall undesirable.

The Farmer and the Felon always uses high-quality flowers cultivated in-house, bred with desirable flavor expression and unique characteristics, and keeps in mind quality assurance along the breeding, growing, curing, and rolling processes for a clean and even burn every single time.

We only use whole flower in our pre-rolls: no trim, leaves, or shake. Brands with integrity will use the flowers they sell in their bags and jars for their pre-rolls, and those are few and far between. We’re happy to provide our consumers with the best pre-roll experience possible, and are excited to see how pre-roll lovers react to our impressive new ice water hash joints.

What is Ice Water Hash?

Ice water hash is a solventless cannabis extract made using icy water and a process of agitation to loosen and gather trichomes. As the trichomes are stirred in the icy solution, the resin glands sink. Ice water hash can either be dabbed or added to joints, bowls, and blunts, along with flower to increase flavor, potency, and the overall entourage experience.

Farmer and the Felon Hash Infused Pre-Rolls

Farmer and The Felon pre-roll

The Farmer and the Felon’s Hash Infused Pre-Rolls are 1 gram joints consisting of 80% strain-specific top-shelf cannabis flower and 20% ice water hash. The hash pre-rolls are carefully crafted for potency, flavor, and long-lasting highs.

The F+F hash pre-rolls contain flower and concentrate crafted from the very same plants – in exclusive and hard to find varieties. The strain-specific pre-rolls include unique crosses like Double OG Chem x Honey Buns and OGKB x Girl Scout Cookies, which are bred by the Farmer and the Felon internal breeding department, and WC Diesel, which is a Sonoma County Sour Diesel cultivar carefully selected for its robust, nostalgic, flavorful qualities. 

These premium pre-rolls contain ice water hash sprinkled evenly throughout the entire joint for an even, consistent flavor and burn, all the way to the filter. 

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