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Top 5 Customer Fave Strains of 2020

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Top 5 Customer Fave Strains of 2020

Farmer Felon

December 28, 2020

This year, consumers ran through the gamut of Farmer and the Felon strains to enjoy a good smoke while giving back at the same time. There are a few standouts that make up the Best of the Best, however. Here are your top five favorite strains of 2020!

white runtz

Mac 1

Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) is some super fire. Like, it’s one of those strains where you look at the flower, and it’s so dense, so colorful, and so crystally, that you’d rather frame it than smoke it. And the smell? Fam. FUNKY. Crack a jar of Mac and your nose is getting smacked with those pungent funky, citrus, gassy terps that translate into a smooth smoke and heavily potent experience. Mac 1 is said to be a special cut of the MAC strain selected by its breeder.

Miracle Alien Cookies is a cross of Starfighter with a Colombian landrace strain named Miracle 15, that was then crossed with a strain called Alien Cookies to finally birth Miracle Alien Cookies. As far as Mac 1 goes, there are a couple of tales out there about its genetics. Some think it is a backcross of MAC x MAC, others believe it is simply a phenotype of MAC. 

Peanut Butter Breath

Peanut Butter Breath is a nutty hybrid that comes from crossing Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath. It doesn’t taste like peanut butter, so if you were hoping to smoke an actual peanut butter cup, I offer my sincerest condolences. Instead, you’ll be smoking a straight-up earthy strain, but at least the effects feel good. It is also sometimes called Peanut Butter Cup, by the way.

white tahoe cookies

White Runtz

Runtz is probably in the top three most hyped up strains right now. So with White Runtz, it’s pretty easy to understand why Farmer and the Felon consumers reached for it so much this year. 

White Runtz is another strain whose origins have multiple stories circulating. Most of us believe White Runtz is simply a more crystally, brighter-colored, more herbal-tasting phenotype of Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato). Other sources claim it to be a cross of the old school Indica The White with Runtz OG. 

Shark Shock

In the late 1990s, the world was blessed with Great White Shark. As the strain evolved, it became known as Shark Shock. Shark Shock is a cross of the legendary White Widow and Skunk #1 strains. The Indica is expected to give off a mix of a floral, somewhat sweet aroma, and spicy flavors followed by a long-lasting, relaxed experience for both the head and body. It is also called Peacemaker.

White Tahoe Cookies

White Tahoe Cookies is one of the most delicious strains you can smoke. The Indica-dominant cultivar was created by crossing The White with a cross of Tahoe OG and a random GSC cut. WTC flower absolutely drips in white trichomes, and the flavor is super sweet, hashy, and gassy. It’ll remind you of many classic purple strains that taste the same. As far as the effects, it’s normally heavily relaxing and will most likely leave your whole body stoned for hours at a time.

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