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Farmer and the Felon Wins Best Sungrown Flower at the Emerald Cup

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Farmer and the Felon Wins Best Sungrown Flower at the Emerald Cup

Farmer Felon

April 13, 2021

By Dante Jordan

It’s a beautiful day when you can wake up to a First Place win in one of the biggest cannabis competitions in the world. For Farmer and the Felon, these days (and trophies) seem to keep coming.

In March, we announced that Farmer and the Felon's Lemon Sponge Cake won 1st Place Best Sungrown Flower at the High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People's Choice Edition 2020. Now, in April, we’re delighted to announce that Farmer and the Felon’s Gorilla Snacks has won 1st Place for the Best Sungrown Flower at the 2021 Emerald Cup, the longest-running sungrown organic cannabis competition in the world.


Gorilla Snacks cannabinoid and terpene profile

Farmer and the Felon’s Gorilla Snacks produces a fruity-forward flavor and heavily euphoric high. Some people consider the high to be creative, and energetic, though consumers should always know that the effects we feel from cannabis are based upon each individual's physical makeup. To understand presumptive effects, it’s always important to know the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the strains you’re smoking. This is why, for the first time ever, the 2021 Emerald Cup tested and sorted flower entries by terpene data, obtained from SC Labs, the cup’s testing partner for the past 11 years.

“THC has never won the cup, it’s always been a combination of the cannabinoids and terpenes that make something special,” says the event’s founder and producer, Tim Blake, in an interview with Green Entrepreneur.

Quite obviously, the cannabinoid profile for Farmer and the Felon’s Sun Grown Gorilla Snacks is THC-dominant. Percentages for the Emerald Cup-winning batch tested at 23.65% THC.

Additionally, the Gorilla Snacks terpene profile came out extremely dominant in beta-caryophyllene (8.11%), common amongst some of the most potent strains out on the market like GSC and Gelato. The caryophyllene is followed by heavy amounts of limonene, (4.49%), humulene (1.99%), and linalool (1.1%).

History of the Emerald Cup

The Emerald Cup is Northern California’s annual cannabis competition, seminar, and awards ceremony for sustainable, outdoor-grown cannabis. It is the largest competition for sungrown cannabis in the world.

The famous competition was founded in 2003 by Tim Blake, a long time cannabis grower, activist, and member of the cannabis community. His resume includes being the cofounder of Mendocino Farms Collective; co-founder of Healing Harvest Farms; a founding member of the California Cannabis Reform Policy; and the Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council. He’s helped spearhead many legalization efforts, and is truly a legacy member and OG in the cannabis game.

The Emerald Cup started a small hush-hush competition amongst outdoor farmers in the Emerald Triangle, hence the name Emerald Cup. In an interview with Irish Media Network, the founder himself stories that it began as just a flower competition, and has since evolved into over 40 different contests including for flower, edibles, CBD, concentrates, tinctures, etc. The evolution of the Emerald Cup has led to worldwide prestige for the event, as it is seen as a hub of true cannabis culture and comradery, bringing together all of California’s best brands, products, and industry figures under one roof.

The first Emerald Cup was hosted on a campground that Tim Blake had purchased and named Area 101. It was disguised as a birthday party, due to the extreme illegality of cannabis in 2003, and only had a couple dozen entries, and a couple hundred attendees. Nowadays, the legendary event is hosted at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California, with hundreds of participants and thousands of attendees.

It is an extreme honor to win an Emerald Cup. We thank everyone who made it possible.

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