Farmer and the Felon SWEEPS the Emerald Cup 2022

Emerald Cup Award WinnerBy: Dante Jordan

The 18th annual Emerald Cup Awards took place in Los Angeles, California on May 14, 2022. Chosen by Tim Blake, Taylor Blake, and Victoria Shea, 20 expert judges across six flower categories reviewed sample after sample to select the best weed in the whole state of California. In the end, Farmer and the Felon virtually swept the competition, winning 6 total Emerald Cup awards.

Farmer and the Felon’s Emerald Cup 2022 award winners

Farmer and the Felon represented Sungrown cannabis in its finest form at the Emerald Cup this year. The 2022 trophy haul included:

  • BEST OF SHOW (All Flower): Lemon Sponge Cake
  • 1st Place Sungrown Flower: Lemon Sponge Cake
  • 3rd Place Sungrown Flower: Georgia Pie
  • 4th Place Sungrown Flower: Double OG Chem
  • 8th Place Sungrown Flower: 92 OG
  • 11th Place Sungrown Flower: Sticky Buns

Emerald Cup Best of Show (All Flower) 2022: Lemon Sponge Cake

Lemon Sponge CakeIn the Best of Show category, comparing Sungrown, Mixed Light, Indoor, Sungrown Greenhouse, Personal Use, and 3rd Party Certified flower across the board, Farmer and the Felon’s Lemon Sponge Cake took home the honors distinguishing Sungrown cannabis as supreme in California.  In addition, Lemon Sponge Cake also received 1st Place Sungrown.  

Lemon Sponge Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid. To the nose, it smells like lemons and dough. Upon consumption, you’ll detect a slightly fruity flavor added to the lemon terpenes. Some people say it tastes like citrus and butter, hence the name: Lemon Sponge Cake. 

Lemon Sponge Cake is a cross of Lemon Kush Mint and Gelato. Its most common terpenes are limonene, caryophyllene, bisabolol, humulene, and linalool. When you smoke it, the influences from both parents are very apparent. You get the sweet and fruity notes from Gelato, while the Lemon Kush Mint brings forth those citrus and birthday-cake like accents. Farmer and the Felon maximizes the plant's potential by letting it flourish in the sun. It’s undeniable that the sun brings out the most natural chemical profiles in plants. It allows terpenes to mature exactly as the plant would naturally, overall bringing out some of the most flavorful cannabis that one could smoke.

3rd Place Sungrown Flower: Georgia Pie

Georgia PieGeorgia Pie is a sweet and gassy hybrid of Kush Mints and Gelatti. You could say it tastes like peaches; but it really tastes like diesel terpenes stacked on top of an apricot marmalade. Georgia Pie has high amounts of caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, and linalool. Smoking this strain will put you in a super stoned, care-free, goofy kind of mood where smiling is the only option. It’s a great social strain.

4th place Sungrown Flower: Double OG Chem

Double OG ChemDouble OG Chem is an indica created by crossing OG Chemdog and Double OG Sour. As you’d guess, its flower kicks out big sour citrus terps and big diesel terps. You’ll feel that heavy head high of Chemdog after the first few puffs, before ultimately getting body-smacked from all those OG genetics. It’s definitely a kick back and watch basketball type of strain.

8th Place Sungrown Flower: 92 OG

92 OG92 OG is a phenotype of OG Kush. So you already know what to expect from it: potency and pine. 92 OG’s aroma and flavor profile kick out notes of pine, spicy, gas, and lemony citrus. Specifically, 92 OG’s terpene profile has high amounts of caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, and myrcene. You get that strong uplifting high that makes you feel happy and relaxed with this cultivar. Ya know, like smoking an OG.

11th Place Sungrown Flower: Sticky Buns

Sticky BusSimilar genetics to Georgia Pie, Sticky Buns is a cross of Kush Mints #11 and Gelatti. It’s a super resinous flower that produces a mix of cream, vanilla, and cinnamon spice aromas and flavors from high amounts of caryophyllene, limonene, pinene, humulene, amongst other terpenes. Sniff the jar and you get a sweet, doughy-like aroma; smoke the flower and you get a sweet, nutty, gassy type of flavor. The high is stoney and will hit you with an immediate rush of uplifted euphoria. This is a feel-good type of strain. 

You can grab all of these award-winning strains at dispensaries around California. Get out there and smoke some of the best weed in the world.